About us



Mingke and its affiliated companies, founded in 2002, have been supplying all kinds of synthetic leather products to global customers ever since. Our products are widely used in handbags, furniture, shoes, clothing, electronic products, etc. We have established a thorough supply system, quality control team, and logistics warehouse management system, and we are committed to supporting customers with higher quality products and more convenient services.


Product Diversification

Product diversification is one of our core competitivenesses. We have a thorough insight of changes in fashion trends and in functional demands of products. According to different clients’ product concepts, we are able to develop a variety of products that meet the market demands and meet the clients’ requirements. We strive to keep pace with the trend and continuously innovate products to improve our market competitiveness. The materials that we launch have excellence performance in quality, colors, and grains, supporting our customers in expanding their markets.


Continuous development and innovation

Product development innovation is the power of enterprise development. Innovation helps to enhance the competitiveness of products and effectively expand the market. We lucubrate the synthetic leather innovation technology with our own resources advantages, develop a wide range of innovative products, and expand into new fields. Our innovative products have been promoted and applied in sporting goods, electronic products, beauty products and so on.


Sustainable development

Green, environmental protection and sustainable development have long been the focus of global topics. Taking environmental protection into account in the process of development has become a part of corporate responsibilities in most enterprises. Following the trend of environmental protection, we have developed a series of environmentally friendly synthetic leather, including water-based synthetic leather, recycled synthetic leather and solvent-free synthetic leather. This series of environment-friendly synthetic leather is eco- friendly, which can reduce the use of harmful substances and effectively reduce the emission of environmental pollutants in the production process, and they are friendly and non-toxic to human body as well. Our products have passed a series of international standard certifications.


Stable quality, professional QC team

We have a strong QC team, and have an impeccable quality testing management, with a product testing room to ensure the quality of products. We regard making high quality products as an important principle of enterprise development. Our products can meet a series of European Union and the United States environmental standards, and we are able to enhance product testing standards according to customer requirements.


Inclusive innovation and win-win cooperation

Inclusive innovation and win-win cooperation. We always maintain a high sense of crisis and vigilance, thus have the courage to explore and bring forth new ideas. We combine new technology, adapt to the new trend of market changes, improve our material design, development, procurement, logistics, testing and other aspects. We strive to provide customers with the best quality synthetic leather products.